Fondly called "Mulaohu" (Mother Tiger) by her students

Fiercely passionate about demystifying the Chinese language for her students in the US and teaching in innovative ways that promoted cultural insight as well as technical skill, Mrs. Lin prepared a generation of path breakers and thought leaders in China Studies and an array of other fields as China and the US established diplomatic relations in 1979. She achieved this by defying social, cultural, and professional barriers; taking educated, expansive risks; and pursuing audacious aspirations.


Former students, colleagues, friends & other supporters

Our “tiger community” includes former students and colleagues who studied and worked with Mrs. Lin from 1966 – 1986, a seminal time in China-U.S. relations. We represent a diverse array of sectors and academic fields, from business, journalism, and law to such academic fields as anthropology, art history, language teaching, literature, history, and political science. Some of us devoted our career to China Studies or China-US relations. Some of us did not.

Our community is diverse in background and views. The Helen T. Lin Initiative is not aligned with any government, political party, or partisan organization.


Engage the "Tiger Community" and broader world

We offer opportunities for intellectual exchange, networking, retrospective reflection, and forward leaning inquiry related to China, China-US relations, and China Studies in the rigorous, mischievous spirit of Mrs. Lin.

We encourage lively exchange, thoughtful discourse, and meaningful reflection and do not endorse any particular views, positions, or policies voiced by members of the Tiger Community or participants in our talks, forums or other channels of online sharing of ideas and experiences.

Upcoming Tiger Event

Studies of China in Academia: China Scholars Reflect Back and Look Forward

Please  join us for an illuminating conversation with China scholars who  represent different fields of study. Three former students of Mrs. Lin  from the early 1970s, who became China academics based in North America  for most of their careers -- Timothy Brook, Deborah Davis, and Gail  Hershatter -- will share their insights and reflections on the genesis  of their interest in China, the initial focus of their primary research,  and how that focus evolved over their respective careers. They will  also consider how their teaching about China has developed as their  access to and engagement with China have shifted over the more than four  decades since they studied with Mrs. Lin. The talk will be moderated by  R. Bin Wong, another former student of Mrs. Lin. Following the  conversation among these scholars, the Q & A will commence by asking  each panelist to ponder how they have experienced the “native  Chinese/non-native Chinese” divide in research and teaching over the  years.

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Four Decades of Business in and with China: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

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Wong Chin Foo: The First Chinese American

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