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Scott Seligman's Book News

In his most recent email newsletter, Scott reports:

"I just signed a contract for my next book - my tenth, and my fourth title with Potomac Books (University of Nebraska Press). Tentatively titled Murder in Manchuria: The True Story of a Jewish Virtuoso, Russian Fascists, a French Diplomat and a Japanese Spy in Occupied China (we'll probably whittle that down somewhat before publication), it began as an effort to marry my interests in Chinese and Jewish history. Set in the city of Harbin in 1933, it explores a murder committed amidst the chaos that reigned in northeast China in the run-up to the Second World War...

...The Cultural Revolution Cookbook,which Sasha Gong and I wrote in 2011, is now available in a Tenth Anniversary Edition! The book, which tells the story of China’s chaotic Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) through its cuisine, immediately became the best-selling Chinese cookbook on Amazon when it first came out. We were not prepared for the incredible success it has enjoyed since then. It has been unavailable for the last year or so, having sold out several print runs...

... Nearly a decade ago, I published a book called The First Chinese American, a biography of early Chinese-American activist Wong Chin Foo (王清福, 1847–1898). Since that time, it has been an uphill struggle to get a Chinese language edition published in the PRC. I'm proud to announce that the work has been published in Shanghai under the title Zouchu Diguo: Wang Qingfu de Gushi (走出帝国-王清福的故事).

Download the .PDF version below to view the newsletter in its entirety

Scott Seligman Update
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