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Tiger Profile: Gigi Hsu

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Former Federal Reserve Analyst and finance professional

Gigi majored in economics at Wellesley and after graduating from Wellesley, she worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and of San Francisco. Subsequent to earning an MBA from Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College, she worked in finance and marketing at various corporations, including General Motors, Johnson and Johnson, and Johnson Associates, a small venture capital firm in Princeton, NJ.

When she left the corporate world to care for her three children, Gigi took a part time job reading college applications for Princeton University's Admission Office. Unexpectedly, this experience led to her becoming an essay consultant for students applying to undergraduate and graduate school.

Mrs. Lin was both a teacher and close mentor of Gigi at Wellesley. She hosted Gigi’s wedding in her own backyard, and single-handedly prepared a sumptuous reception for all the guests. Her effort was not wasted, as Gigi and her husband, Hung, recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary!

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