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TIGER PROFILE: Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

United States Department of State (Ret.). Retired as Senior Economic Analyst and Deputy Director, Office of Economic Policy, Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Now working at State as a Senior Management Consultant, Freedom of Information Requests.

The daughter of American missionaries to China, Priscilla has had a lifelong interest in Chinese culture, history, and development. She attended Wellesley for the opportunity to study Chinese with “Lin Taitai.” At Wellesley, she majored in East Asian Studies and History, studied Chinese language for 3.5 years, and wrote her Senior Honors Thesis on Mei-ling Soong (Mme. Chiang Kai-shek). After a year’s study in Taiwan, she moved to Washington, DC to pursue an MA in International Affairs and Economics at the Elliott School of International Affairs of the George Washington University. Upon obtaining her degree, she found her life’s work at the US Department of State, where she served as a civil servant for 35 years.

During her career she worked in increasingly senior positions as an economist, refugee program analyst, and deputy director of the Department’s Office of Economic Analysis. Her policy and intelligence analyses routinely informed the highest levels of the Department and the US government. In travels to East Asia and Africa she helped inform field staff while gaining invaluable insights to share with officials in Washington. She spoke truths about China and East Asia, some of them unwelcome, to administrations of both parties. Since retiring from full time work in 2013, she has worked part-time responding to Freedom of Information requests with the twin goals of protecting sensitive material while transparently providing all information possible. Priscilla is married with two adult daughters and one adorable grandson.

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