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We are pleased by the interest shown in connecting and engaging with one another through digital and virtual channels in order to remember Mrs. Lin in this extraordinary time.  We look forward to reconnecting (or meeting for the first time) decades after we were Mrs. Lin’s students and colleagues. The increasingly hostile relationship between China and the U.S. reminds us of the importance of Mrs. Lin’s emphasis on learning Chinese as an essential tool to gaining insight and understanding of China.  

At this, the outset of the Helen T. Lin Initiative, we are limiting our community to Helen Lin's students, colleagues, family, and their invited guests. As such, we are independent and not affiliated with any institution, organization, or government entities.

We expect our exchanges to respect the varied assessments we might express in the spirit of reflecting upon how Mrs. Lin would expect us to be open, curious, and committed to trying to improve communication and understanding across languages, cultures, values, and lived experiences.  Through all our varied digital and virtual channels, we aim to create a safe and judgement-free place to converse, contravene, explore, bond, and let a hundred flowers bloom!      

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