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April 23, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Strands of Cooperation and Competition in U.S.-China Relations

Presenter / Panelists

Terry Cooke, Scholar, diplomat, and author. He is the founder and president of ReGen250 , known for its chapter China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia


Steve Marksheid, Chairman of Still Waters Green Technology

The talk will take a brisk survey of the theme of Cooperation and Competition in U.S.-China Relations as viewed from three different timeframes: (1) the historical perspective over the most recent 100 years (which will be referenced extremely lightly since it is familiar territory for the Helen T. Lin Legacy audience); (2) the 'recent history' perspective of the past 20 years will contrast the two strands through my professional work -- the 10-year Framework effort launched by Hank Paulson and expanded by the Obama Administration for cooperation with China in energy, environment and climate change mitigation and the fraught competitive issue, which has waxed and waned, involving semiconductors, microchip supply chains and advanced technologies; and (3) a brief state-of-play analysis of where things stand in my view at the current moment at the national level with Biden Administration policies but also touching on sub-national and people-to-people dynamics.

Registration for the talk is by email invitation only, and at this time participation is limited to members of our Tiger Community, including Helen Lin's students, colleagues, family, and invited guests. We welcome friends and colleagues of Tiger Community members to join us -- please have them send us their contact information, so we can send them an invitation. Email:


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