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She made a big impression on me in one short summer, that's for sure! I loved her.

julie sullivan

Mrs. Lin and the entire Chinese department at Wellesley made a huge impact on my life,  not just in classes but also outside the classroom. (I still recall fondly Mrs Lin's time with our summer study group in Beijing '84 - especially walking at the Ming Tombs.)

kristen harris

Now I am also an author and my book debut came out in 2018, Lest We Forget; A Doctor's Experience with Life and Death during the Ebola Outbreak and a second to be out later this year, Into the African Bush and Out of Academia: A Doctor's Memoir. Mrs. Lin used to say that my writing is cut and dried and methodical and I wrote like a scientist. I hope it has improved.

Mrs. Lin helped propel me to a rewarding 35 year career at the US Department of State, where I retired as deputy director of the economic policy office. She unlocked the secrets of the Chinese language, enabling me to immerse myself in Taiwan for a year and gain greater insight into Chinese culture and history. I remain a Sino-optimist and grateful for the opportunities that study with Lin Taitai gave me throughout my life.

kwan kew lai

priscilla hoffman stowe

I may not have the greatest vocabulary, but because of Lin Laohu, I have great tones! Mrs. Lin also encouraged me to continue language study at Middlebury after graduation, receive the Wellesley Internship at the National Palace Museum (where I interned for 2 years) and stayed in Taiwan the first time for 3 years continuing to work on my Chinese. Her foundational training and support helped me become the professor of Chinese art history that I am today. I will be forever grateful.

katharine burnett

Mrs. Lin encouraged me to continue studying Chinese literature in graduate school. Because I started learning Chinese after freshman year, she provided me with some free tutoring during lunchtime to help me get ahead.  She was generous with her time and very kind to me.  I will always remember her warm smile.

randy lu

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