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Our “tiger community” includes former students and colleagues who studied and worked with Mrs. Lin from 1966 – 1986, a seminal time in China-U.S. relations. We represent a diverse array of sectors and academic fields, from business, journalism, and law to such academic fields as anthropology, art history, language teaching, literature, history, and political science. Some of us devoted our career to China Studies or China-US relations. Some of us did not.

Given the era in which we studied Chinese or worked with Mrs. Lin, many of us had the opportunity to study or work in China during the transformative period of the China’s “opening” to the West, monumental economic reforms, and metamorphosis into a major geopolitical player and the world’s second largest economy.

Many of us went on to play a leading role in our respective fields forging mutual exchange and deeper relations with China precisely because of the preparation Helen Lin provided -- not only in terms of language proficiency, but also cultural understanding and competence.

Our community and steering group represent a wide range of backgrounds and views. The Helen T. Lin Initiative is not aligned with any government, political party, or partisan organization.

Profiles of Tiger Community members will be posted regularly over time – please visit our home page to check for new profiles.

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