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Upcoming Tiger Event


July 21, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM

A Third Crossing of the Peach Blossom Bridge: Poetry Pavilion Revisited

Presenter / Panelists

Ellen Soulliere, Honorary Research Associate of the School of Humanities, Media and Creative Communication at Massey University


Debi Carter, Former Senior Customer Success Director at Salesforce

Like the  lovelorn stars of Chinese legend who meet one night every July across  the Milky Way (银河), lovers of Chinese poetry are invited, once again, to  cross the Peach Blossom Bridge and meet at the Poetry Pavilion. 

Curator Ellen Soulliere will review the  promise and possibilities of maintaining such a collection of Chinese  poems.  She will talk about the three new poems that we are posting on  the website this year and discuss the processes, rewards and challenges  of curating and growing the Poetry Pavilion collection, selecting,  translating, and annotating the poems, constructing a bridge that she  hopes will carry the poets’ authentic voices and intended meanings  across from the times and places of their origin to the members of the  Tiger community today.

If you are interested in sharing a Chinese poem with fellow aficionados on this special occasion, please sent us a note at:, so  we can reserve some time for you during the Tiger Talk and arrange for  the inclusion of your selection in the Poetry Pavilion.  For a sneak  preview of the Poetry Pavilion, visit our website at:

Like in Ma Lin's painting, the Mistress of the Pavilion has lit all  the candles, warmed all the wine, brewed all the tea, and now  invites all of us to cross the Peach Blossom Bridge again and enter into  the Poetry Pavilion once more -- a place where we can retrieve, refine  and refresh our memories of learning Chinese.

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Tiger Profiles

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