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June 23, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM

Improving Medical Education in China: China Medical Board’s History and Mission

Presenter / Panelists

Dr. Thomas S Inui,  retired as Joe and Sarah Ellen Mamlin Professor of Global Health  Research at Indiana University School of Medicine, with Co-Director of  Research responsibilities at the AMPATH HIV program in Kenya


Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe, United States Department of State, retired as Senior Economic Analyst and Deputy Director, Office of Economic Policy, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

CMB was started in 1914 as the second major program of the Rockefeller  Foundation, and it was endowed in 1928 as an independent foundation  incorporated in New York. Its initial commitment was to establish and  operate the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, which it carried  out from 1914 through 1950. After withdrawal from the mainland of China  in early 1951, the CMB extended its capacity building work to other  Asian countries. Following its return to the mainland of China in 1980,  CMB has expanded support in medical education and research to more than a  dozen medical universities in China, while continuing to make  capacity-building grants in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 1914, the China Medical Board  (CMB) is an independent American foundation. Its mission is to advance  health, equity, and the quality of care in China and Southeast Asia.  Working in a spirit of partnership at the forefront of strategic  philanthropy, CMB strives to build capacity in an interdependent world  that fosters innovation in professional education, policy research, and  global health.

Dr. Inui served as a Trustee for China Medical Board 1999-2015 and as a  consultant for improving residency training in China for CMB 2015-2017.

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