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With the approach of what would have been her 90th birthday in 2018, a group of former students realized that despite her innovations and far-reaching impact, and apart from her living legacy of students' and mentees' publications and accomplishments, there is little trace of Mrs. Lin’s contributions. Rather than a plaque or a scholarship, we agreed she would most appreciate learning and forward action to honor her innovations in Chinese language teaching and her imprint on a generation of China scholars and professionals.

Throughout our activities, we encourage lively exchange, thoughtful discourse, and meaningful reflection and do not endorse any particular views, positions, or policies voiced by members of the Tiger Community or participants in our Talks, forums or other channels of online sharing of ideas and experiences


We offer opportunities for the Tiger Community and others to network, participate in intellectual exchange and collegial connection, and “pass it forward” to the next generation. 

These opportunities include: 

  • Sharing of news, information, and resources

  • Blogs

  • Virtual workshops, seminars, and colloquia

  • In person gatherings (once the pandemic has subsided) 


We leverage the diversity of expertise and experience of our members to promote insight and understanding regarding China and its trajectory past, present, and future. Our passion, in the spirit of Mrs. Lin, is for cross-sector and interdisciplinary cross pollination and collaboration, especially spanning cultural divides and national borders.


Our ultimate goal is to honor Helen Lin and extend her legacy by supporting bold, innovative endeavors that build toward new knowledge and understanding of China, the Chinese language, and Chinese people around the globe. We are especially committed to promote cross-sector and interdisciplinary efforts.

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