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Tiger Event


November 7, 2021 at 12:00:00 AM

Covering China

Presenter / Panelists

Rick Gladstone, Jeremy Mark, and Andrew Quinn


Edith Terry

Three foreign correspondents look back at their experiences covering China and Greater China spanning the decades from the beginning of China’s economic reforms to the 2020s, reflecting how Middlebury and Chinese language study prepared them for roles as observers of one of the greatest transformations the world has seen. Rick Gladstone landed in China in 1983, with the Beijing Bureau of the Associated Press, returning to New York with the AP in 1985, and moving to the international desk of the New York Times in 1997, where he has been since. Jeremy Mark covered Japan, Taiwan and Singapore for the Asian Wall Street Journal in the 1980s and 1990s, and considers Taiwan “his second home”.  Andrew Quinn spent 20 years with Reuters, like Jeremy covering Taiwan, before moving to China for four years covering the political crackdown following the Tiananmen protests, the beginnings of China’s economic boom and the Sino-British negotiations that determined the future of Hong Kong.

All three have wide experience with other parts of the world. Andrew and Jeremy have pursued careers outside journalism – Jeremy with the International Monetary Fund and Atlantic Council, and Andrew with the Aspen Institute, where he leads the New Voices Fellowship.

Journalism is sometimes described as a front-row seat on history. Our panelists have been witnesses to China’s trajectory under the “socialist market economy.”  Deng Xiaoping’s “To Get Rich is Glorious” that propelled unprecedented economic growth  is replaced by today’s new slogan of “Common Prosperity” as China enters an era of slower growth and tighter economic and social controls under President Xi Jinping.  Rick, Jeremy and Andrew will share their perceptions of the political and economic drivers behind China’s extraordinary changes over the last 40 years, and the pressures faced by journalists in delivering this globally important story.

Edith Terry is moderator.

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