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Tiger Event


August 27, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Discussion on Foreign Policy:

What is Xi’s Strategy for His Third Term?

A Tiger Community Roundtable

Presenter / Panelists


Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe, United States Department of State (Ret.)

August’s Tiger Talk will be a Zoom roundtable discussion of
where China’s foreign policy strategy is heading. Does the
purging of Qin Gang portend anything for that strategy? How do
foreign and domestic imperatives guide the leadership on this
issue? In the lead-up to the 2024 elections, China’s moves
and motives will come under greater scrutiny and criticism in the
US press.

No foreign policy experience is necessary to join this
discussion, but we encourage those who have studied and/or
practice history and political science to share your insights and
expertise generously.  Community members who are keen to
hear/share analyses and assessments of where China’s
strategy might portend to the future of “world order,” “European
security posture,” “nationalism” or other knotty and intractable
issues facing our times, are also invited to join us and
participate as your most opinionated self.  Geekdom will be
To ensure that everyone can speak openly and safely and that exchange of divergent views will take place, we will not be recording this Tiger Talk.  Likewise, we will not be encouraging participation by  anyone who is not already a member (or frequent guest) of our  Community.

Registration for the talk is by email invitation only, and at this time participation is limited to members of our Tiger Community, including Helen Lin's students, colleagues, family, and invited guests. We welcome friends and colleagues of Tiger Community members to join us -- please have them send us their contact information, so we can send them an invitation. Email:


If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive invitations and updates regarding our activities and events, please subscribe via the Contact Us tab – Stay In Touch button on this website.

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