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March 27, 2022 at 12:00:00 AM

Irma’s Passport: One Woman, Two World Wars, and a Legacy of Courage

Presenter / Panelists

Catherine Ehrlich, Author


Scott Seligman, Writer, historian, genealogist, retired corporate executive

History gives us narratives, but Irma’s story didn’t match most of the narratives, as our cultural narratives overlook the courage of women. Irma Ehrlich lived among a dazzling but unsung cohort of valiant and empowered women whose story is worth re-discovering. Katy Ehrlich spent six years researching and writing the story of her remarkable grandmother, Irma's journey from small town Bohemia in 1890 to New York from 1940 onward. Katy and Irma's cross-generational memoir explores an era of nationalistic fervor and displacement not unlike ours, and a woman fueled by unshakeable pride. She will speak to the discoveries she made as she researched European assimilation and Zionism, early women career models, how her family adapted to America, and more. Her new book is Irma's Passport: One Woman, Two World Wars, and a Legacy of Courage. 

Registration for the talk is by email invitation only, and at this time participation is limited to members of our Tiger Community, including Helen Lin's students, colleagues, family, and invited guests. We welcome friends and colleagues of Tiger Community members to join us -- please have them send us their contact information, so we can send them an invitation. Email:


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