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Night Mooring at Maple Bridge by Zhang Ji

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Zhang Ji, (ca. 765-ca. 830) was a native of present-day Anhui Province who served as a tutor in the imperial academy of the Tang dynasty. In this famous poem, a shi poem with seven characters in each line, he employs haunting images of moonlight, frost, flickering fires, and the tolling of the great bell of the Cold Mountain Temple outside the city of Suzhou.

楓橋夜泊 張繼

Fēng qiáo yè bó Zhāng Jì

Night Mooring at Maple Bridge by Zhang Ji


Yuè luò wū tí

Shuāng mǎn tiān.

The moon sinks, crows call, frost fills the heavens.


Jiāng fēng yúhuó duì chóu mián.

At Maple Bridge on the river fishermen's fires cause troubled sleep.


Gū Sū chéngwài Hànshān sì.

Then, from Cold Mountain Temple outside the Suzhou city walls


Yè bàn zhōng shēng dào kè chuán.

Deep in the night the sound of the bell reaches the traveler's boat.

Snowy Stream (雪溪圖)

Attributed to Wang Wei (王維, 701-761), Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Part of a handscroll. Ink and color on silk.

Formerly Manchu Household Collection, Beijing, now lost.

陈子毅 1919-2019年 Guangdong, China. Collected in 陈子毅画作

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